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A little about Patricia………

Patricia Rich, LCSW, CST-S (she/her) is a Certified IFS Therapist and Approved Consultant and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor. She has developed a unique integrative model for helping people to feel more ease, joy and confidence in the realm of sexuality and has originated IFS-informed concepts such as Internal Consent and The Six S’s of Sexual Self-Energy.


Patty has presented at the IFS Annual Conference, taught a module for the IFS Institute Online Continuity program and led workshops internationally. She offers training and consultation to professionals, and offers opportunities for therapists and insight-oriented folks to Behold and Lead their Internal Sexual Systems(BLISS)™.

She has authored a chapter on IFS & Sexuality for the recently released book Altogether Us: Integrating the IFS Model with Key Communities, Modalities and Trends, edited by Jenna Riemersma.


She lives in the Philadelphia area where she also has a private practice.  You can sign up for her free guide to The 6 S’s of Sexual Self Energy™ and learn more about her at

This retreat is open to participants who are either IFS Level 1 trained, who have completed the IFS Online Circle or Stepping Stones Program and who have a very in-depth understanding of IFS Therapy.

*Please note that this retreat is for women including cis, trans, genderqueer, and non-binary folks who feel a sense of belonging in women’s space. It is also open to diverse participants including those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA*, polyamorous, conservative, kinky, and more.

If that’s not you but you are interested, feel free to email us at so we can let you know about future offerings.

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What is a Self-Led Sexuality Retreat about……

Sexuality is complex and requires the harmonious functioning of many types of parts internally, interpersonally, and physically. Most of us carry at least a few sexual burdens, biases and blind spots acquired through personal experience as well as family and cultural legacies.

As therapists, we can be challenged addressing client's sexual issues and remaining Self-Led. And as humans, we can similarly struggle to access Self in the realm of sexuality and may face the same dilemmas as many of our clients, limiting our access to the joy, rejuvenation, and relief that a healthy relationship with our own sexuality may bring. And as women-identified folks, we often carry additional burdens related to traditional gender socialization, exploitation, and objectification that inhibit access to Safe, Sensual, Spacious, Sensitive, Steamy, and Satisfying expression of our authentic Sexual Self. This retreat offers an opportunity for IFS-informed women to BeHold and Lead your Internal Sexual System (BLISS)™.


Our retreat journey will be framed by the Six S’s of Sexual Self Energy™ (Safe, Sensual, Spacious, Sensitive, Steamy, Satisfied). We will explore each “S” as a “positive trailhead” that can point us toward a more expansive experience of sexuality, detecting individual and collective burdens along the way that may block our access to that quality. The important roles that parts take on in the internal sexual system will be honored and respected, while opportunities for unblending, unburdening, and updating will be offered.

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What to expect from this retreat…….

Grounded in IFS throughout, we will learn and practice Internal Consent and incorporate Embodied Practices, Education about Human Sexuality, a Social Justice Lens, and Experiential Activities.  Be prepared for seriousness, silliness, and celebration as we bravely bring the light of Self to this often exiled energetic domain. The unique location of this retreat will offer additional opportunities to explore sensuality and pleasure.

The intention of this retreat is for you to leave with:

  1. A new appreciation for your parts and Self in the realm of sexuality

  2. Familiarity with the Six S’s of Sexual Self Energy and how they can serve as a roadmap, parts detectors, and portals to pleasure

  3. IFS Informed Methods for safely navigating inner and outer sexual landscapes

  4. Recognition of larger system impacts on the safe expression of sexuality

  5. Reduced burdens such as isolation and shame

  6. More clarity regarding your own choices and values

  7. Greater intimacy with your own internal sexual system

  8. Greater embodied vibrancy in the bedroom and beyond 

This retreat does not presume any particular relationship status or level of sexual engagement. All are invited to start where you are, to follow your own curiosity, and to see where your system’s wisdom will guide you.


Please note that all activities are optional and that there will not be nudity or sexual contact as a part of the scheduled program.


Please consider that while this retreat is supportive and trauma-informed, it is not a clinical context, and therefore may not be appropriate for you if the topic of sexuality is highly distressing or dysregulating for your system. If you are unsure, feel free to request a call with the retreat leader or organiser.

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Retreat Particulars

Applications are currently open for this retreat in Malta from April 15th - 19th, 2024

The retreat will take place over 5 days starting mid morning on Monday April 15th and concluding Friday April19th, 2024 around midday to allow everyone time to make their return journeys.

Retreat Tuition cost plus an application form will be available to you once you register your interest.

The retreat cost includes tuition, 4 nights accommodation and 3 delicious meals a day to include vegetarian options throughout the retreat schedule. 

There is an afternoon off in the middle of the week to allow participants to process, rest and relax with spa treatments or for those who seek a little bit of adventure, touring the most popular sightseeing areas that Gozo has to offer. Spa treatments and sightseeing tours are optional extras.

This retreat is limited to 28 participants. If you are interested in participating in this retreat, please register your interest. You will then be directed automatically to a registration form for completion. Only applicants who complete a full registration form will be considered for this retreat. Once your registration is approved we will advise you formally and it is only at this point that we will request a €500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your place on this retreat. Please do not make travel arrangements until your registration has been formally accepted.​

Any travel costs to the retreat location in Gozo, Malta is the sole responsibility of the participant.​ 

IMPORTANT: Please read our FAQS page on this website for further guidelines and information on Covid, the arrangements we have in place in the unlikely event the retreat is cancelled due to Covid or in the unlikely event the retreat leader is not in a position to attend. The FAQS page also provides further general information which you may find useful when planning your trip. If after reading the FAQS page you need any further information, please feel free to email Ciara or Paul at

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