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What to expect from a Somatic Internal Family Systems Retreat (SIFS)?

Susan McConnell’s amazing Somatic IFS retreat is a retreat not to be missed.

Somatic IFS is a branch of IFS that blends the principles of somatic therapy - like movement, touch, sensation and breathwork – with the traditional tools of IFS. Somatic IFS explores the embodiment of the internal family with the goal of restoring the client’s SELF to leadership and allowing parts that express through the body to come into relationship and alignment with the client’s SELF.  

On this retreat, you will be invited to explore your internal system with the practices of Somatic IFS. Through guided exercises, journaling, live demonstrations and small group interactions you will listen to your parts through sensations, movement and touch. Your experience of the Embodied Self can transform your personal and professional life. 

During the retreat you will experience for yourself the five practices of Somatic IFS - 

1: Somatic Awareness

2: Conscious Breathing

3: Radical Resonance

4: Mindful Movement

5: Attuned Touch

Susan, through Somatic IFS, incorporates the five practices to help you heal parts's burdens in the body, using the IFS model.


The retreat is open to IFS graduates only. The Retreat is designed to be an experiential retreat and not a formal training of the model.

30 IFS-CE credits are available for this Somatic IFS Retreat which can be used towards IFS certification or recertification. Please note: A completion certificate will only be offered to participants who attend all 30 hours of this retreat. If, for any reason you cannot attend the full 30 hours, you will not be issued with a completion certificate. You will also require a completion certificate from a Step 1 Retreat to be eligible to attend a Step 2 54-hour Training Program.

The retreat is limited to 30 participants. 

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A Little more about Susan....

Recommended Reading

Susan McConnell, MAPD, CHT, is a senior trainer for the IFS Institute and has taught Internal Family Systems in the US and internationally since 1997. Somatic IFS is the culmination of her experience and teaching of various bodywork, movement, spiritual, and psychotherapeutic modalities that facilitate the embodiment of the internal family—the subpersonalities as well as the essential core Self—to bring compassionate witnessing to the implicit body stories of our individual hurts and societal burdens.

Somatic IFS is a branch of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model. IFS is a psychotherapeutic model that normalizes multiplicity of the mind and views each person as having a Self that the therapist helps to uncover so that it can fully lead the system of parts, or subpersonalities.

IFS holds that all parts, regardless of how they currently manifest, hold positive intent and can be helped to contribute their wisdom and gifts to the person’s system. Somatic IFS explores the embodiment of the internal family with the goal of restoring the client’s Self to leadership and allowing parts that express through the body to come into relationship and alignment with the client’s Self.

Susan McConnell is also the author of Somatic Internal Family Systems:  Awareness, Breath, Resonance, Movement and Touch in Practice.

You can purchase this book at and it is also available on Amazon UK and US.

t would be really beneficial to read her book in its entirety prior to the beginning of the retreat so you can get the very most out of your experience but it is not essential and there is no obligation to do so.

For more about Susan see

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Retreat Particulars

The retreat will take place at Pendle Hill which is a retreat centre located on 24 tranquil acres in the heart of Quaker community near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
The retreat is over 7 days starting at 7pm on the evening of October 22nd, 2024 when we will welcome everyone, make introductions and outline the schedule for the week. We will complete our week on October 29th, 2024 after breakfast, allowing you to depart at your convenience.

An application form will be available to you once you register your interest.

The cost of the retreat is $3,100 based on single room occupancy. The retreat cost includes tuition, accommodation and 3 delicious meals a day plus teas/coffees and refreshments during break. Each day locally sourced foods will be available for breakfast, lunch and a delicious evening meal. Pendle Hill serves nutritionally balanced meals with a sense of joy and good taste. Most foods, including bread and other staples, are homemade, and they make extensive use of organic fruits and vegetables from their garden. Many of their dinners are vegetarian and include protein sources from grains and beans. Other dinners include free-range meat or poultry, or fish chosen with conservation in mind. All meals include gluten free and vegetarian options.

There is a day off on Saturday, October 26th to allow participants to process, rest and relax. You are not required to stay on the premises on the day off, so if you wish to make plans or go sightseeing, you are free to use your time as you wish.  


Your place on the retreat will only be secured once you complete your registration form, it is accepted and a non-refundable deposit of $1000 is paid and received.

Partners/Companions who are not participating are more than welcome to accompany you for an additional fee and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Pendle Hill while you attend the retreat. Children are not allowed to join you. 


A full application form will be available to you once you register your interest. Any travel costs to the retreat location at Pendle Hill, Pennsylvania is the sole responsibility of the participant.

Please note that this retreat is currently planned as an in-person program. Any changes due to COVID-19 restrictions will be posted here as soon as they become available and you will be notified by email for those registered.

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