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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the retreats in-person or online?

Please note that all retreats are currently planned as in-person residential retreats only. Should the retreats be restricted due to covid, we have alternative plans to be able to deliver them online.


In this instance, Souliology is not liable for any travel expenses booked in relation to the retreat like flights and transfers so we highly recommend you take out extra insurance to cover you in such cases should the retreat need to be delivered online.

Please read our Covid-19 section below for further details.

Is my deposit refundable?

Please note that all deposits are strictly non-refundable and we would respectfully request that you do not request a refund of your deposit. 


We do not wish to offend anyone by refusing to return your deposit, so please be sure you are able to attend the retreat before paying your non-refundable deposit to secure you place.

Is there any payment plan?

Yes, depending on when you register for the retreat, we offer the convenience of a payment plan to all applicants as follows:

Stage 1 - Non-refundable deposit payable on being accepted onto the retreat. 

Stage 2 - A further stage payment (depending on the retreat) is payable 3 - 8 months before the retreat commencement date.

Stage 3 - The final balance is payable approximately 3 months before the retreat commencement date.

Please note, if you are a late applicant you may not be able to avail of the stage payment option.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, all retreat applicants can receive a refund of fees paid minus your non-refundable deposit if you cancel a full 3 months before the retreat commencement date.


If you cancel after this period, then your full fees paid become strictly non-refundable. 

Can I bring a companion with me who will not attend the retreat?

Absolutely, you are welcome to bring a companion provided it is not of the furry persuasion. However, there is an additional fee payable for room share and meals. Please contact us via email for further information -

For avoidance of doubt, animals cannot attend the retreat.

What does the Participant fee include?

The Participant fee includes the Retreat Tuition, private accommodation unless otherwise requested, 3 set retreat meals throughout the retreat period to include vegetarian options and teas/coffees during the morning and afternoon session breaks.

What is the structure of the retreat?

The structure of the retreat varies depending on the retreat you wish to attend.

Some retreats are 7-Day residential retreats and some are 5-Day residential retreats, however, you will get the details of the structure of the retreat once your registration is complete and accepted and you pay your non-refundable deposit.

Generally, the retreat structure is the same for most retreats and is as follows:

Morning Session starts at 9am - 12pm with a session break at approximately 10.30am.

Break from 12pm - 3pm for lunch, rest, spa treatments, processing, relaxing.

Afternoon session recommences at 3pm - 6pm with a session break at approximately 4.30pm.

There is usually either a full day or half day off for all participants mid week. Participants can choose to use this time to rest and relax, alternatively, there may be an optional sightseeing tour offered on this day if participants want something more adventurous. The sightseeing tour is an additional charge and is not available for every retreat.

Will there by any additional costs?

The Participant fee includes retreat tuition, private accommodation, Teas/Coffees during the morning and afternoon breaks and set retreat meals. However, any specialty coffees, alcoholic beverages, bottled water, Laundry, additional food and room service will incur additional charges. 

Spa treatments, sightseeing tours and any additional events will also incur an additional charge unless otherwise specified.

How do I register for the retreat and what happens next?

For retreats that are open for registration, simply register your interest on the retreat leaders specific webpage. Once you register your interest, you will automatically be directed to a full registration form for completion. Once your complete the registration form we will forward it for approval to the retreat leader. Please note that completing a registration form is not a binding commitment by you to attend the retreat. Once the retreat leader accepts you application, we will advise you accordingly via email and we will provide you with account details to allow you transfer your non-refundable deposit. At this stage you have the opportunity to decline the offer. However, once you pay the non-refundable deposit you are committing to attend the retreat. Please be advised that until you make your non-refundable deposit, your place on the retreat is not secured, however, once you transfer your non-refundable deposit, it becomes strictly non-refundable. Registrations are accepted on a first come first served basis (subject to meeting the eligibility criteria specified by the retreat leader) so we would suggest completing the registration form to be in with a chance to attend the retreat.

Once we receive your registration form, please allow several weeks for us to respond via email. Given the popularity of our retreats we receive a lot of applications and it can take a few weeks to process all of them. Please do not make any travel plans until your registration is formally accepted and you are formally advised that we have a sufficient number of participants to allow the retreat to proceed. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Our Covid 19 Policy:


At Souliology, while we are aware that Covid-19 is thankfully not as big a consideration as it was a few years agowe want to reassure you that your investment with Souliology is protected. 


Please feel confident that the following booking conditions are in place relating to COVID-19. 

In the event of the following due to COVID-19:

  • Full lockdown in one of our retreat destinations.

  • Requirements to quarantine on arrival at one of our retreat destinations.

  • Advice from local government against all but essential travel to one of our retreat destinations.

  • Local restrictions at the retreat venue in one of our retreat destinations preventing the retreat from taking place.

Souliology will move your retreat to a new date and you will have the following options:

  • To move your participation in the retreat to the new date allocated.

  • To hold your retreat payments as a credit to apply to the same retreat at a different date or any other retreat provided there is a vacancy and you meet the eligibility requirements.

Finally, in light of the current global circumstances, we highly recommend taking out travel insurance which includes trip cancellation insurance plus we recommend booking refundable flights to the retreat venue. While we are fully committed to hosting our retreats in-person, we want to acknowledge the global uncertainties, and we believe it’s wise to safeguard your financial investment (you may be able to avail of some cover through your credit card company; so please don’t forget to inquire).


Please note, in the event that you do manage to join us and we are mid-retreat, if any of the above scenarios take place during your stay, please understand that an insurance claim will need to be submitted from your side to claim for any financial loss incurred by you, as Souliology, the retreat leader or the retreat venue cannot be held responsible should Covid and/or a requirement to quarantine becomes an issue mid-retreat.

What Covid measures are in place?

  • Vaccination: We recommend participants and staff be fully immunized but it is not mandatory.

  • Testing: All participants and staff are required to take and show the results of a rapid test prior to the training if you are experiencing any high temperatures or have any Covid symptoms. You are also required to bring rapid tests to allow you test throughout the retreat period to ensure you remain Covid free during the retreat period.

  • If you test positive for Covid while on retreat with us, you will not be able to attend the retreat in person and you will be required to quarantine in your room until you are Covid free. We will require you to provide an up to date negative Covid test before you will be permitted to stop quarantining and re-join the retreat group in person. All set retreat meals will be delivered to your room while you are in quarantine. You may be able to attend the retreat remotely from your room during quarantine, therefore, we advise you to bring a device with you to the retreat venue so you can join remotely. Should you test positive for Covid, it will be your responsibility to claim for any financial loss on your personal or company insurance.

  • Masking: It is possible that masking may be required indoors except when eating. This will be at the organisers discretion and subject to Public Health requirements at the time. If you are feeling unwell, even if you don't test positive for Covid, we will respectfully ask you to mask throughout the retreat to help minimise the spread of illness to other retreat participants.

  • You will need to stay up to date on border testing and quarantine requirements as well as those of your particular airline. Travel insurance is a necessity (may be available through your credit card company; inquire into details such as whether it covers the cost of quarantine).

  • COVID Entry requirements for our retreat destinations: COVID entry restrictions to all our retreat destinations have been generally relaxed since 2022. However, before travelling you should check the website for each country's Department of Health to access if any further restrictions have been put in place before you travel. 

  • All Domestic and International Travelers: You are responsible for assessing your own risks with regards to health, travel and financial loss. You attend all of our events at your own risk and neither the retreat site, the retreat leaders or Souliology, as the retreat organisers, are responsible for any financial loss you may incur for any reason whatsoever while travelling to and from the retreat venue or while attending any of our retreats/events.  


What if the Retreat Leader gets Covid or cannot attend for other reasons?

  • Leadership: In the very unlikely event that the retreat leader becomes unexpectedly unable to attend the retreat they will either lead us remotely or appoint a Lead Assistant Trainer who will deliver the retreat in person. You will not be entitled to any financial reimbursement or any retreat credit should this happen.

  • ​In the extremely unlikely event that the retreat leader cannot participate at all during the scheduled retreat, the Lead Assistant Trainer will lead the retreat and the retreat leader will provide additional post-training live Q&A time via Zoom. You will not be entitled to any financial reimbursement or retreat credit should this happen.

Frequently asked questions in relation to Covid-19?

What if I have booked a retreat and my flight but can now no longer travel due to COVID-19 or any other reason. Am I entitled to a refund for my flights?


Souliology or the retreat leader is not liable for any travel expenses booked in relation to the retreat like flights and transfers. We highly recommend you take out extra insurance to cover you in such cases including event cancellation insurance.


What extra precautions and safety measures are you taking to make the retreat as safe as possible?


Our venue partners and Souliology will be following the Government guidelines on COVID-19 at that specific time of your retreat and will carry out any measures and safety precautions in accordance with the Government guidelines.


How will you decide if a retreat can go ahead or not and if it is safe for me to travel?


Your safety while on retreat with us is our main priority and we will be monitoring and following the guidelines issued by the Government of the Country of our retreat venue in relation to Covid. All decisions on whether a retreat can proceed or not, will be based on these guidelines at the time of the retreat. 


What happens if there is a lockdown in my home country at the time of the retreat?


As we have guests joining us from all over the world, should you not be able to travel owning to a lockdown in your own country but the country of our retreat venue is open for non-essential travel, then you will need to claim for a refund from your travel insurance. 


Please Note: Any changes due to COVID-19 restrictions will be posted here as soon as they become available and you will be notified by email for those registered. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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