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Self Energy and Self-like Parts Retreat 
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What does Self-leadership mean?

The IFS definition is that the Self is the natural leader of our system and when released can be in relationship with and lead our parts.  Once the Self is released it can help parts unburden and create an international structure where the Self is a resource for the parts and the parts are a resource for the Self.  Both the Self and the parts have important roles in our system; we need both to thrive in the world.


Philosophically, that make sense; practically, what does it mean? Does it mean that if my parts are unburdened and my Self is in the lead that I never feel anger, sadness, shame, worthlessness, etc.; that no matter what happens I stay open hearted and accept what comes; that nothing ever activates me? While many of us believe this, it’s actually not accurate. 

What to expect from a retreat about Self and Self like Parts?

This retreat is designed to help you explore what Self-leadership means to you – the felt sense of it.  So, you can answer those questions for yourself in a clearer more embodied way.

We’ll start by getting curious about the nature of the Self and how you experience it in your own system. As part of that deepening awareness we will explore parts that masquerade as the Self and sometimes even believe they are the Self.

This exploration into your Self-energy will also enhance your appreciation for your parts and deepen the internal relationship between your Self and your parts.  Through this deepened relationship, you’ll gain clarity about how the Self is a resource for the parts and the parts are a resource for the Self.

Finally, we’ll explore the often forgotten quality of the Self – courage – and how to utilize that in support of Self-leadership.

Please note: This retreat is limited to 30 participants and is only open to IFS Level 1 trained therapists/practitioners. 


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Pamela Krause, LCSW, a Senior Lead Trainer of the Internal Family Systems, is known for her engaging and creative presentations, and lively, compassionate approach to therapy and teaching. In 2021 she stepped away from leading Level 1 trainings but continues to lead Level 2 & Level 3 trainings as well as co-leading advanced leadership training programs for future Lead Trainers for the IFS Institute. 

Her expertise in IFS includes: using Direct Access, understanding the difference between Self-energy and Self-like parts, and adapting the IFS model for use in younger children.

Pam has developed several online training programs including: the IFS Online Circle which she developed with Toni Herbine-Blank; and an IFS Continuity Program addressing the use of IFS with Children and Adolescents. 

Her publications include:

Gomez, Ana. EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children. New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2013.

Sweezy, Martha and Ellen Ziskind,  Internal Family Systems Therapy: New Dimensions. New York: Routledge, 2013.

Sweezy, Martha and Ellen Ziskind, Innovations and Elaborations in  Internal Family Systems Therapy. New York: Routledge, 2017.

Redfern, Emma. Internal Family Systems Therapy: Supervision and Consultation. New York: Routledge, 2022.

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Applications are currently open for this retreat in Ireland from 21st – 25th of October, 2024

Please be advised that this is not a formal training. This is strictly a retreat for your personal growth and well-being.

The retreat will take place over 5 days starting on Monday, October 21st, 2024 and concluding on Friday, October 25th,2024

The retreat cost includes tuition, accommodation and 3 delicious meals a day to include a full breakfast, a light lunch and a delicious evening meal.

There is an afternoon off on Wednesday to allow participants to process, rest and relax with spa treatments or for those who seek a little bit of adventure, touring the most popular sightseeing venues the area has to offer. Spa treatments and sightseeing tours are optional extras.

This retreat is limited to 30 participants and all participants must be IFS Level one trained. Retreat Tuition cost plus an application form will be available to you once you register your interest and your place on the retreat will only be confirmed once a €500 non-refundable deposit is received. Please do not make travel arrangements until your registration has been fully accepted.

Any travel costs to the retreat location in Ireland is the sole responsibility of the participant.

IMPORTANT: Please read our FAQS page on this website for further guidelines and information on Covid, the arrangements we have in place in the unlikely event the retreat is cancelled due to Covid or in the unlikely event the retreat leader is not in a position to attend. The FAQS page also provides further general information which you may find useful when planning your trip. If after reading the FAQS page you have any further information, please feel free to email us at

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